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Mirola AB 

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Innovations for life


Safety - Rescue - Fire

Our innovations are designed to solve different critical situations. And to make the work situation a lot better, for those who use our products.


They are all invented out of practical experience and built to face a tough reality.


Our innovations save lives, nature and humans – at the same time.


About Mirola

Mirola is a Swedish company, founded by the innovators and the management team of the company.
Mirola is situated in Stockholm and Karlstad.

We work together with several partners when developing our innovations. Government, universities and
companies are all part of our development process.


We have a strong mission. We want to save lives, improve work environment and make nature healthier.

That is what keeps us going.

Management TEAM


Jonny Berzelius

jonny.berzelius at

+46 (0)76 004 21 00

Sales Manager

Mirre Funck

mirre.funck at

+46 (0)70 298 61 65

Project manager

Anders Gustafsson

anders.gustafsson at

+46 (0)70 298 55 25

Life Programs

Life Programs

The innovations Mirola produce, often means that older material will be left over. But the need for life saving products are huge around the globe.

Therefore, we take care of the leftover material and distribute it to the one who need it.

Mirola Life Programs  support the one who needs it.
We co-operate with world-wide organisations that distributes medical material in a safe way.

As a customer to Mirola, you are a part of our work for solidarity in a concrete way and bringing help to people who really needs it.